Volume 4: Chapter 8 – Ma Ke’s Background

Volume 4: Chapter 8 – Ma Ke’s Background

After taking only two steps, I saw Ma Ke walking in my direction. He seemed to be looking for me as well.

I pulled him along. “I was just about to come find you. Let’s go and eat! After we eat, we’ll take a break at the dormitory; before we continue to go for the afternoon lessons.”

At the dinner table, Ma Ke was stunned when he saw me savagely sweeping up my meal. He said in shock, “Boss, you’re still eating your meal in this manner. I’m impressed.” I glared at him, indicating for him to shut up and quickly eat his meal.

A feminine voice sounded. “If he wasn’t eating like this, he wouldn’t be called White Rice Bucket.  Don’t you...

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