Volume 4: Chapter 7 – Vengeful Love Letter

Volume 4: Chapter 7 – Vengeful Love Letter

The girl beside me whispered, “Serves you right.”

Did I irritate her? I didn’t. I took a baffled glance at her direction, but she pretended not to notice, and just continued to stare at the blackboard. I suddenly wanted to play a trick on her. I secretly condensed light elements into a small light beam the size of a finger. It passed through from under my armpit and poked at her ******.

She quivered for a moment before standing up and unexpectedly shouted in front of the whole class, “What are you doing?! Teacher, he molested me!”

I fell. I violently fell. Why did she have such an intense reaction? You don’t have to be like this!

The old mage, whose anger had just calmed down only...

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