Volume 4: Chapter 43 - A Brutal Plan

Volume 4: Chapter 43 - A Brutal Plan

I scratched my head and awkwardly said, “I’m sorry, Teacher Zhen. I’ll pay more attention in class next time.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Pay more attention next time? How am I going to solve it this time, then? I can’t tell the teacher to let it go. Won't that be too obvious that I’m covering for you?'

I awkwardly said, “What should we do? It’s all my fault for bringing you so much trouble. I’ll study properly in class in the future, so as to not give you any more troubles, so can we smoothen this issue this time?”

Teacher Zhen frowned and said, “Let me think about this. How about I place you in confinement for a while. They won’t be able to say anything after that.”

I was stunned for...

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