Volume 4: Chapter 42 - A Compassionate Breakfast

Volume 4: Chapter 42 - A Compassionate Breakfast

Ma Ke chuckled and said, “Now, you’ve also experienced Brother Hai Ri’s magic baptism. You don’t know how much I suffered back then. Haha!”

I punched him once before saying, “You brat! You dare to make fun of me? If you still have the energy to tease me, why don’t you go and chase after Hai Yue before you lose the opportunity to do so?”

Ma Ke was stunned for a moment before he foolishly asked, “Hai Yue? Why should I chase her?”

When I saw that Ma Ke was speaking foolishly, I said smilingly, “Aren’t you usually intelligent? Why is it that whenever it involves Hai Yue, you become so dumb? You need to carefully think it through.”

Ma Ke frowned as he looked at...

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