Volume 4: Chapter 40 - Hai Ri's Anger

Volume 4: Chapter 40 - Hai Ri's Anger

Hai Ri suddenly had a realization and said, “So, it was you brat! I heard from Hai Shui that you came back. I had planned to look for you tomorrow. You don’t know just how hell bent my sister has fallen for you. She keeps talking to me about you. You’re so capable! You just got back, but you already have your hands on her.”

I laughed bitterly in my heart as I knew he had misunderstood. I hastily explained, ‘It’s not…”

Hai Ri interrupted saying, “Why isn’t that the case? I have already seen it. You still want to make excuses? Haha, don’t worry! I would mind if it was other people courting her, but I don’t mind if it’s you. You’re suitable for my sister.” He showed an elder brother’s look.


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