Volume 4: Chapter 4 – Reunion of Brothers

Volume 4: Chapter 4 – Reunion of Brothers

The Kingdom of Aixia’s Royal Advanced Magic Academy Year 3 Class 3.

The homeroom teacher, Water Magister Si Lan Yu, stood on the lecturer’s platform. “Please quiet down! I have to introduce a new transfer student, Zhang Gong Wei.”

Following what Teacher Yu said, I entered the classroom. I stood in front of the platform and smiled faintly toward the class. “Hello everyone, I hope that you will take care of me. My magic Major is Light and Minor is Spatial.”

“Where did he come from?! How did he skip to our year 3 class? He should be starting from year 1, right?”

“Exactly! He looks quite handsome, but we still don’t know how powerful he is.” Two female students...

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