Volume 4: Chapter 39 - Hard to Refuse

Volume 4: Chapter 39 - Hard to Refuse

I said in shock, “It looks like my instinct was right. I always felt as though you were hiding something. How about sharing it with me so that I can share your burden? You don’t have to say anything else about Hai Shui. I, Zhang Gong, swear that I won’t marry anyone except Mu Zi. Why do you keep on pushing me to someone else?” I got a little angry after asking that.

Mu Zi shook her head dejectedly, “You will know in the future, but now isn’t the time for you to know. Don’t force me to talk about it, alright?”

I gently said, “How could I force you? I believe that I’ll be able to solve any difficulties in the future, even if they might be extremely difficult....

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