Volume 4: Chapter 38 - Displaying Heartfelt Love

Volume 4: Chapter 38 - Displaying Heartfelt Love

When I took my seat, Mu Zi seemed to be thinking deeply about something. I sneakily reached out and held her small delicate cold hand. I was addicted to the feeling of her tenderness and bonelessness as I held her hand. This was heaven**.

Mu Zi raised her head and looked at me before sighing. She took back her hand. I was curious. ‘What’s happening to her? She seems to be unhappy. Didn’t I clarify with her already? Why is she like this? Can it still be because of Hai Shui?

I whispered, “Mu Zi, what’s wrong?”

She gently shook her head. “Nothing. It’s just that you didn’t write me a love letter. In fact,...

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