Volume 4: Chapter 37 - Wounding Hai Shui's Heart

Volume 4: Chapter 37 - Wounding Hai Shui's Heart

When I thought back to the time when I hugged Mu Zi, my heart would beat frantically. It’s so comfortable hugging her.

After returning to the classroom, there was still some time before class began. I looked at Mu Zi, who was occasionally touching the lump on her head and showing a painful expression. My heart felt indescribable pain.

‘I need to find a water magician for her, but who to find? My time at the academy hasn’t been too long so I don’t know a lot of people. If I go find Hai Yue, it definitely wouldn’t work since she hates me to the core. Hmm, Hai Shui? Our relationship is a little awkward right now.’ I scratched my...

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