Volume 4: Chapter 34 - Joining the Banquet

Volume 4: Chapter 34 - Joining the Banquet

I said, “My eyes light up? You’ve probably not seen how eyes light up due to food. Can I invite another person along?”

Ma Ke curiously asked, “There is someone that is more excited about eating than you? Who are you asking to come along? A person with a bigger appetite than yours? Is he going to wipe out all the food from my house? Haha!”

I nudged him and said, “That won’t happen! Ah! It’s Mu Zi. I’m currently courting her!”

Ma Ke suddenly had an enlightenment and said, “Are you referring to the same Mu Zi that you planned on getting your revenge on?”

I nodded and thought back to the feelings I had for Mu Zi when I was in a crisis. I...

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