Volume 4: Chapter 29 - Pursuing a Retreating Enemy

Volume 4: Chapter 29 - Pursuing a Retreating Enemy

Ignoring the heated battle between the two beasts, Teacher Di’s lips curved up a little as he asked Hai Tian, “Hai Tian, do you still want to continue battling?”

Hai Tian Xin let out a long sigh. “What is the point in continuing? Would I be able beat you if we continued the fight? Many years have passed, but you’re still stronger than me. Honourable High Priest, I concede.” This Xin family’s leader had such grace! When he saw that he didn’t have any hope of winning, he simply took the initiative to forfeit the match.

They withdrew their frantically battling magical beasts at that moment. Not much time had passed since the start of the competition.

“The winner is Chuan Song Zhen from the prince’s faction!”...

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