Volume 4: Chapter 25 - Bombardment

Volume 4: Chapter 25 - Bombardment

Teacher Zhen exclaimed, “Zhang Gong sacrificed half his life for the dragon?”

I nodded and emotionally said, “Xiao Jin is my most important partner. How could I turn a blind eye and let him die?” Feeling the surge of my emotions, Xiao Jin lowered his head and nuzzled against me, prompting me to affectionately pat him.

Teacher Zhen shook his head. “Unbelievable! It looks like it’s unnecessary to train the dragon as I doubt I’ll be able to defeat Zhang Gong with Xiao Jin’s assistance. Our chances of victory are much higher now.” He had already gauged Xiao Jin’s strength from his life force.

Teacher Di replied, “Even if that’s the case, we still don’t know who they’ll send out...

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