Volume 4: Chapter 21 - Exchanging Titles

Volume 4: Chapter 21 - Exchanging Titles

After half an hour passed, over ten empty plates lay in front of me. The food was really good. It was the best meal I’d had since birth. I patted my stomach in satisfaction, then exhaled deeply and looked at Mu Zi.

Wow! ‘This can’t be happening- she’s still eating. She really knows how to eat!’ There were many empty plates in front of her too, and I remembered her taking some food from my dishes.

I dumbfoundedly passed her a serviette and said, “Take your time to eat! Don’t choke on it!”

Mu Zi took the serviette and wiped her mouth. She indistinctly said, “You should also eat, I won’t be so polite anymore.” After she finished saying that, she continued to eat...

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