Volume 4: Chapter 20 - An Invitation to Dinner

Volume 4: Chapter 20 - An Invitation to Dinner

‘This is bad! The old man noticed me.’ He grinned and walked directly towards me. Mu Zi was so frightened she didn’t dare look up.

‘If I get caught by him, I’ll be in great trouble! What should I do? It’s too late to hide the notes. Since I’m dead already, I’ll use my ultimate move!’

I calmly sat upright and looked at the teacher. I placed the slip of paper in front of my nose and blew my nose really hard, which resulted to the paper to land into a corner of the classroom. The teacher glared at me, but didn’t dare to pick up the evidence that I was cheating.

He just turned around and walked away. I let out a long breath and thought. ‘That was extremely close !’ Mu Zi who...

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