Volume 4: Chapter 2 – The Warmth of Home

Volume 4: Chapter 2 – The Warmth of Home

After mother heard that I still had to gain experience, she got anxious. “You still need to gain more experience? I nearly died from worrying all this time, I was so scared that you would run into danger. Do you have to go again?”

I embraced her and said, “Mom, even if I have to go, it’s still a matter for two or three years into the future. We still don’t know what will happen, and we can’t plan for what will change.” Mother started to calm down. “Alright, you father and son continue to chat. I’ll go and make some delicious food.”

“Mom, please make more. I invited Ao De to come to our house for dinner.”

“Ok, I know.”

After mother went into the kitchen, I said to my father, “Father, once I enter and train...

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