Volume 4: Chapter 16 - Audience with the Prince

Volume 4: Chapter 16 - Audience with the Prince

After the first lesson of the day ended, Ma Ke came to find me. Looking at his serious expression, I knew that something happened.

He pulled me to a secluded area. “Boss, something bad happened. When I went back to tell my father about you meeting the Magic race, my father was astonished and told me to bring you to see him. What do you think?”

I frowned. “Is it really that serious? How is the Emperor’s condition? Is it as bad as what Hai Shui told us?”

Ma Ke seriously nodded his head. “My father said that the Emperor only has three to five months left to live. The Emperor also does not have a son to inherit the throne. Once he passes away, the internal affairs of the kingdom...

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