Volume 4: Chapter 15 - Returning Home to Report

Volume 4: Chapter 15 - Returning Home to Report

I was startled and asked, “It can’t be grave to the point of starting a civil war?” I looked at Ma Ke. He was also in shock. He clearly didn’t know the current state of affairs.  

Hai Shui replied, “Why isn’t it possible? The three main powers are currently all preparing their militaries! Anytime now, they’ll start a civil war.”

I sighed. “War is the cruelest! If war really happens, the commoners will be ones that suffers the most. Furthermore, the kingdom’s power will weaken drastically during a civil war. It’ll disturb the balance between the three kingdoms.”

Hai Shui stared at me for a while, eyes wide. “Wow~ I didn’t expect that...

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