Volume 4: Chapter 14 - Stirring the Heart

Volume 4: Chapter 14 - Stirring the Heart

When I walked out of the room, it was quiet. Where had everyone gone? When I reached the lower floor of the dormitory, I met the dormitory’s receptionist, an old man. He grinned at me. “You’re already late for class! Why aren’t you rushing?”

I was in shock. “What time is it? Why am I late?”

He replied, “If you don’t hurry up, the third period of the morning classes will soon end.”

Ah! It was already that late. After thanking him, I rushed out of the dormitory. When I reached the entrance of the classroom, Teacher Si Lan Yu was teaching the class. Let’s just face the music! It’s just being late anyways.

I shouted, “Permission to enter!”

Teacher Yu replied, “Enter!”

I pushed open the...

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