Volume 4: Chapter 11 – A Proper Challenge

Volume 4: Chapter 11 – A Proper Challenge

If Mu Zi hadn’t been so powerful, the students probably would have teased her.

I ran downstairs as quickly as I could to retrieve the second love letter. Before I sat back in my seat, I glared furiously at Mu Zi. After that, I stashed the second love letter, just as I had with the first one.

I seethingly ignored her. ‘She really didn’t know how to cherish my hard work. Did she know that I was just playing with her? It couldn’t be. I’ll continue to think about that the next day. Today, I really wanted to play with one of the top rankers. I wondered who I should pick?’

If my first challenge was with the top ranking earth magician, it would seem like I am a show-off; that...

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