Volume 4: Chapter 10 – The 10 Great Masters

Volume 4: Chapter 10 – The 10 Great Masters

When the bell signalling the end of school rang, I slowly began to wake. While Mu Zi was still packing up her desk, I happily smiled at her and said, “Can I treat you to a meal? How was the lesson today? What I said made the teacher speechless!”

Mu Zi coldly replied, “Who would want to eat with you? You would only ruin my appetite. Besides, everything you said was false. The teacher just didn’t want to fuss about you.”

I showed a wronged expression. “How was it false? Those were my results from a long period of research. What’s so scary about me treating you to a meal? Let’s go together!”

Mu Zi coldly snorted and walked away without looking back at me.

I thought, why are you playing so hard to get, even though your looks are...

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