Volume 3: Chapter 9 – Bandit Leader’s Charge

Volume 3: Chapter 9 – Bandit Leader’s Charge

“Then how about we make a bet?”

“What sort of bet?” He obviously didn’t put me in his eyes.

I pretended to think for a bit, “Let’s just bet you won’t be able to beat me.” My words immediately made all the bandits burst out in wild laughter, apart from the silent bandit standing beside the bandit chief.

The chief bandit didn’t even stop to think and immediately replied: “Ok. I’ll bet with you. But we won’t just be betting on all of your merchandise, we’ll also be betting the lives of everyone in your party. You still want to bet?” It seems he wasn’t foolish, to make use of my group.

Now I’m put into a difficult position, I have to take into consideration the lives of several...

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