Volume 3: Chapter 7 – Eating and Eating

Volume 3: Chapter 7 – Eating and Eating

I asked the service lady: “The reward for these three S rank missions are so big, who could afford this?”

This time not only did she laugh at me, but all the people around me looked at me as if I was an idiot. What are they looking at? It’s just that I don’t know since it’s my first time out in the world. I’ll just ignore them then.

“Since the beginning of the Mercenary guilds, this mission has had the highest rank. It’s already been like this for over 1000 years. If someone actually managed to complete this mission, they can just go to the capital and claim this reward. The power of the divine artifact will be even greater if it recognizes its master.

(Teacher Di has already told me that even if I happen...

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