Volume 3: Chapter 6 – Mercenary Guild

Volume 3: Chapter 6 – Mercenary Guild

Finished cleaning, I went back to the living room. The old man seemed to be waiting for me, “We’re done. Let me bring you to where you’ll be sleeping.”

“Young man, you’ll be sleeping here. Straight and simple, put it together. Ah that’s right, I still don’t know your name. This old name is called Lei Jie. You can call me uncle. I haven’t married, I’ve been by myself.”

“Here is good. Uncle, my name is Zhang Gong. Thank you.”

I sat on the bed and chatted with uncle. I heard him say we were near the Aixia kingdom’s border. In the past, this place had once belonged to the Kingdom of Xiuda. The folk on this side are sincere and down to earth, and they all treated their guests...

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