Volume 3: Chapter 46 – God’s reward

Volume 3: Chapter 46 – God’s reward

Zhan Hu looked at his new armor and tried moving in it. Anyone could see that he was very excited. He fell to his knees and respectfully kowtowed towards the God King three times, with his head touching the ground each time, before saying, “Your Majesty, I will definitely not let you down. The eradication of the Monster King will become my only goal.’’

The God King praised him and said, “Good, you must do well in your cultivation so that you will be worthy of using this War God’s armor.”

Zhan Hu walked back to the team and said, “Wearing this armor, I feel like my whole body is filled with power. It is weightless and the feeling when wearing it is just amazing.’’

Everyone looked at him enviously and wondered what they would get.

The God King spoke again, “Next, Xiu Si.’’

When he heard the God...

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