Volume 3: Chapter 36 – Repelling the Enemy

Volume 3: Chapter 36 – Repelling the Enemy

What is this magic? Could this be the Dark Elves’ distinctive skill? From the Elder’s surprised expressions, I could tell that they’ve never seen this spell before. It was more or less the same as the magic used by that Bamboo Pole I met from the demon race. Yet it seemed quite different. I don’t know how.

The Third Elder murmured, “This isn’t the power of a Dark Elf. Where did this evil power come from?”

Right at this moment, the Nature Elves’ King was no longer able to endure and fell, having succumbed to the power of the formidable evil devourer. The four Nature Elves’ Elders used their power of nature to catch their king.

The dark power still relentlessly...

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