Volume 3: Chapter 35 – Elven Dispute

Volume 3: Chapter 35 – Elven Dispute

With this said, the elderly elf displayed a human side of him. It appears that he is not incapable of accepting humans. He continued saying, “If it is possible, let us talk as we walk.” Saying this, he lightly flapped his elf wings forward, leading the way.”

I curiously asked, “How are you certain that we aren’t villains? Is it not possible that instead we would help the Dark Elves get rid of you?”

The elderly elf laughed and said, “You are truly a child. Do you know how old I am this year? This year I am 1,446 years old. Those of the elven race are all long lived. I’ve seen a great deal. If I’m not mistaken, what you just used a moment ago should be light...

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