Volume 3: Chapter 34 – Nature Elves

Volume 3: Chapter 34 – Nature Elves

After we returned to room, I unfolded the newly bought map of the Kena province. Whoa, this Kena Province isn’t small at all. There are eight cities along with many forests and valleys of all sizes.

Xing Ao exclaimed, “There are so many forests and valleys! How will we ever find it?”

Xiu Si was still calm. He thought about it and said, “Seeing the map as it is, we should split each valley into pieces and search them one by one. We should start this as soon as possible.” As he said this, he pointed at the south most forest of Kena.

Two days later, our party of six arrived at the edge of the Kena province’s Long Jing Forest. Finally, we started our true...

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