Volume 3: Chapter 33 – Resting at Lunwa

Volume 3: Chapter 33 – Resting at Lunwa

Smiling, Zhan Hu said, “What’s so good about it? We can’t fly like you mages, slow and lasting while admiring the scenery. Using battle spirit to fly consumes it quickly. That’s why we rush forward with all our might. We can’t appreciate the feeling of flying at all.”

“In any case, being able to fly is great. I don’t know when my martial skill will reach such a level.”

Dong Ri said, “Enough, you. You’re already frightening enough. You aren’t even twenty years old yet, and you’ve already become a magister. You still want to become a sky knight? You’re asking for too much.”

Dong Ri’s words were approved by everyone. Even Zhan Hu said that I shouldn’t reach too far and concentrate...

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