Volume 3: Chapter 32 – Arriving at Dalu

Volume 3: Chapter 32 – Arriving at Dalu

I lead them straight towards the border of Xiuda and Aixia. At the beginning they thought I had walked in the opposite direction. It was only after I explained that I had to go find someone that they understood

I promised Big Brother Zhan Hu that after my business in Xiuda was over, I would first find him and tell him about the circumstances of his family. Although we had to travel a farther distance, they didn’t say anything.

On the journey, I felt that they only came to sightsee. Although Xing Ao and Gao De were each nearly thirty years old, both acted like children. And whenever Dong Ri found something new, he immediately talked about it with others. Likewise the always earnest Xiu Si had relaxed very...

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