Volume 3: Chapter 31 – Traveling Together

Volume 3: Chapter 31 – Traveling Together

At dawn, I finished packing my baggage and arrived at Teacher Wen’s room to bid him farewell. Teacher Wen handed a letter to me, saying, “This is for Lao Lun and everyone there. Be careful on your journey. Regardless of whether or not you finish your mission, you should return a bit earlier. You don’t have to come here. Going out for such a long time, your family must be very worried. Remember to stay safe.”

My eyes grew hot as I recalled all these past days. I held Teacher Wen’s hand, saying, “Teacher Wen, I will definitely come back to see you. Take care of your health. I’m going now.”  Teacher Wen gave me a sly smile and said nothing else.

I did not see Dong Ri and the rest. Forget...

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