Volume 3: Chapter 30 – Visiting Shan Yun

Volume 3: Chapter 30 – Visiting Shan Yun

After I returned to my room, I sat on the bed, thinking about all that happened during my time in Xiuda. Not only did I meet Big Brother Zhan Hu there, but my magic power had also reached a new level. I also learned a few simple martial skills. My Ascending Dragon’s Judgement had nearly reached the realm of purification. I should roughly have a knight’s strength. Everyone was amazed at the rate of my battle spirit advancement. Only I knew that my battle spirit and powerful spirit power were inseparable.

Now I will depart. Oh, that’s right… speaking of Big Brother Zhan Hu, I still hadn’t looked for his father on his behalf.  I’ll take a trip to the Prince’s Mansion.

I casually heard...

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