Volume 3: Chapter 3 – Being Away from Home

Volume 3: Chapter 3 – Being Away from Home

The dazzling sunshine woke me from my sleep, reminding me of the loathsome sun from my childhood. It truly does feel like I have grown up. After washing my face, I went outside and took a deep breath. When the light elements within me sensed the fresh air, they grew excited, thus giving me much vigor. Today is the day I set off. I’ll be separated from the most familiar places of my life.

“Zhang Gong, it’s time to eat breakfast.” Mom’s voice carried over from the kitchen.

“Coming!”  At this moment, I truly wish to cherish the short amount of time I have left with my family before my departure. I hurriedly ran downstairs. The whole family was there sitting in a circle around the dining table.

“Ah. Eat some more Zhang Gong. You won’t be able...

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