Volume 3: Chapter 28 – The Competition’s End

Volume 3: Chapter 28 – The Competition’s End

He coldly looked at me and asked, “Zhang Gong. Am I correct? ”

Shakily, I stood up from Xiu Si’s embrace.  After swaying a second, Xiu Si immediately supported me. I wiped the dried blood from the corner of my mouth and answered with a bitter smile, “You’re right. But nevertheless I still hadn’t achieved my expected result, otherwise you’d be on the floor.”

Bi Er smiled saying, “To tell the truth, I really admire you, because the day before yesterday, you arduously prevailed over the Prince’s team. Of course, I believed that today it would be impossible for you to have any strength left to resist. I certainly didn’t expect that we would actually suffer a loss of four men. If I weren’t fighting for my father’s honor, I...

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