Volume 3: Chapter 25 – A Battle of Strength

Volume 3: Chapter 25 – A Battle of Strength

As long as we can enter the sixteen strongest, we will come across Duke Bi Qi’s Wind Dragon battle squad. Therefore, we must overcome the Prince’s team. After a day of rest, we arrived at the same stage as yesterday and prepared to compete in our hardest match yet. For today’s battle, I specially wore my Light God Robes. Xiu Si and the rest of the team had also worn their best armor.

Standing on the stage, a feeling of unease sprung up when I saw our opponents. They presented a strong sense of unity. But in order to make up for our mutual weaknesses we had to fight as a team.

The competition had yet to start, so I let my teammates warm up beforehand. Grasping my magic staff, I walked two steps forward and politely...

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