Volume 3: Chapter 17 – Orphan Dong Ri

Volume 3: Chapter 17 – Orphan Dong Ri

As she watched me leave, Miss Hua Lun said to Dong Ri: “Oh, your friend is so considerate. He left so quickly.”

Dong Ri complained in his heart, what kind of friend is he? He escaped without me. This time I’ve been ensnared by Hong Xue and won’t be able to escape for a while.

Leaving aside how Dong Ri dealt with Hong Xue, I wandered around the main streets leisurely after I separated with them. As I wandered around the streets, I suddenly noticed that there were many people gathered ahead of me. What are they up to? I couldn’t help but be curious with my juvenile temperament, so I walked over to take a look. It turns out it was an announcement. I squeezed to the front of the crowd. On the announcement it was written that next month...

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