Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Exchange of Skills

Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Exchange of Skills

Name:Zhan Hu    Height:184cm    Weight:80kg

Major Magic:N/A     Minor Magic:N/A

Magical Beast:War Tiger

Overall Magic Strength:Heaven Knight   Magic Control:F

(Grades are divided into S, A, B, C, D, E and F)

Magic Power:F     Magic Perception:B     Magic Defense:A

Magic Attack:F    Speed:A(Unable to fly)

Physical Attacks:A    Physical Defense:A      Stamina:S

After eating breakfast, me and Zhan Hu climbed a hill to enjoy the scenery with untroubled hearts. I said: “Big Brother, are you in a better mood now after you spoke the words hidden within your heart?”

In the middle of his laments, Zhan Hu said: “It’s already been so long since I’ve been so satisfied. Now my whole body feels at ease.”

After we laughed together, I inquired: “What kind of battle spirit...

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