Volume 3: Chapter 12 – Big Brother Zhan Hu

Volume 3: Chapter 12 – Big Brother Zhan Hu

Zhan Hu and I entered the village. He really is the village’s idol; when someone sees him they always greet him. He also responds to them one by one. He let all of his subordinates return home and brought me to his residence. He lived in a simple, crude reed house in the deepest part of the village. Surrounding it was a very tattered fence.

I said jeeringly, “You should repair this house, otherwise the wind will blow you away together with it.”

He didn’t care about my jeers. My words seemed to evoke a worry on his mind.  He murmured, “On the eighth month, a great autumn wind furiously roared and sweeped up my house’s heavy reeds. The reeds flew to the river and scattered throughout. Up high, the winds takes the branches of tall trees. Down below, it creates...

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