Volume 2: Chapter 31 – I Have Killed

Volume 2: Chapter 31 – I Have Killed

I jogged back to the dormitory. All of my roommates were out, I suppose all of them went home. I quickly packed my things as I also wanted to return home.

After I finished packing away my things, I went to a neighboring room. Ma Ke was still there and had almost fully recovered from his injuries.

Seeing me come in, Ma Ke rose from the bed, “Boss, you came back. How’s your recovery fairing?”

“Pretty good, How about you? I’m just about to head home.”

Ma Ke extended his arm toward me, “No problems, I’ve just about recovered. Don’t visit me again, I’m just about to leave!”

“Then let us say our end of term goodbyes. I want to quickly go home, I’ve become very homesick.”

“Wait for me a bit, I still have to pack a...

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