Volume 2: Chapter 30 – I Want to go Home

Volume 2: Chapter 30 – I Want to go Home

“Let me think.” Teacher Di contemplated for a moment. “Xiao Jin is maturing at an unusually fast rate, much faster than the rate of growth mentioned in the book. In only a year, he almost grew out of his infant stage. The book stated that the minimum amount of time to mature past the infant stage is 600 years. But it hasn’t even been a year since Xiao Jin was born and he has almost finished maturing past infant stage and will soon enter the growth stage. I suppose there is a relationship between Xiao Jin’s rapid growth and sharing your life with him. Was it before the accident or after that he started growing so quickly?”

“That’s right! After the accident, Xiao Jin grew wildly, absorbing magic power much greater than before.”

“Zhang Gong, you truly picked...

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