Volume 2: Chapter 29 – Five Clawed Golden Dragon

Volume 2: Chapter 29 – Five Clawed Golden Dragon

After finally winning, I sat down on the ground, exhausted.

My two roommates and Green Hair rushed onto the stage and hugged me excitedly, “Boss. You won. You won.”

I looked at them tiredly, “Stop shaking me. Go away. I want to sleep…” I fainted midway through my sentence. I’ve already overused my magic power, plus it was the first time I’ve used someone else’s power. My body couldn’t take it anymore and passed out in safe hands.

“Eh? Why am I in Teacher Di’s room?” Waking up, my body was sore all over with no strength remaining whatsoever. I tried to condense my magic power, but I’ve only recovered I tiny portion of it. The pitifully small golden ball inside me was...

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