Volume 2: Chapter 25 – Advancing to the Semifinals

Volume 2: Chapter 25 – Advancing to the Semifinals

Under my strong recovery magic, he gradually regained consciousness, but he was still very weak. After all, he did draw from his life energy.

“Thank you, you are truly strong. I totally accept this loss.” He helplessly said.

“Don’t use magic like that anymore, drawing from life energy is very dangerous.” Because I’ve also used life magic before, I know what the consequences are for using one’s life energy.

“Thank you, I will keep this in mind.”

The proctoring teacher walked on stage and gave me a nod of approval. He obviously approved of me giving aid to my opponent.

“I proclaim, Student Zhang Gong Wei wins first place in the 11th group, Student Cha Li Ao Te gets second place…” the teacher announced...

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