Volume 12: Chapter 1 - Reuniting with Ma Ke

Volume 12: Chapter 1 - Reuniting with Ma Ke

The palace of Aixia slumbered where it stood. The land transformed into a world of gold and jade in a dazzling splendor as the sun rose. After returning, I couldn’t calm my heart. I had left Aixia two years ago, but this place was filled with many memories.

“Zhang Gong, why did you zone out again?” Jian Shan’s voice rang out beside me. His chest was heaving. He seemed to be exhausted from the time we hurried.

“Jian Shan, has your cultivation deteriorated? It doesn’t seem to be as strong as it was before?”

Jian Shan’s eyes widened as he finally said, “What? Don’t anger me! Who says that my cultivation is...

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