Volume 11: Chapter 4 - Drifting Away

Volume 11: Chapter 4 - Drifting Away

Tears flowed down from Mu Zi’s face. She embraced me tightly and said, choked with tears, “No, nothing can happen to you. Only you can give me happiness. I’ll definitely live a bitter and lonely life without you. Zhang Gong, you must stay safe for me.”

I kissed gently on her forehead. Mu Zi’s unfathomably deep feelings for me greatly shook my heart.

“Mu Zi, please stop crying. I’ll definitely do my best. We’ll naturally settle the situation with Hai Shui. If we are destined to be together, then nothing will break us apart. I can’t currently give her any false hope, but if she is willing to give me a chance after eliminating...

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