Volume 11: Chapter 25 - Entering the God Rended Canyon

Volume 11: Chapter 25 - Entering the God Rended Canyon

Fei Yu was shocked. “Why? This shouldn’t have happened. Could it be that father doesn’t want me anymore?”

Ke Er Lan Di shook his head. “No! That’s not it. His Majesty passed down the order probably due to his identity.” He looked at the direction that Zhang Gong Wei had left before completely understanding the motives of Tian Feng.

“Identity? What identity does he have?”

Ke Er Lan Di looked at Fei Yu. “Once an opportunity has been missed, you can’t gain it back. Your Highness, he’s the God’s Envoy that you revere. He’s the Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei, he who can solitarily cast forbidden spells and is the youngest...

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