Volume 11: Chapter 22 - Dalu's King

Volume 11: Chapter 22 - Dalu's King

The Commander's Division at the Ström Fortress

“Reporting! Viscount Ke Er Lan Di requests a meeting.”

A heavy and domineering voiced sounded, “Let him in.”

Clad in silver armour Ke Er Lan Di, with a worry filled expression, walked into the Interim Marshall’s Manor quickly.

“Your Subordinate, Ke Er Lan Di, greets Your Majesty.” Ke Er Lan Di knelt to the ground as he looked at the lofty middle aged man. He was the current Emperor of Dalu, Tian Feng Luo Chen. Tian Feng Luo Chen was about 1.9 meters tall, with a broad shoulders. Even though he was already 50, his lower back was still straight. He seemed to be dreading...

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