Volume 11: Chapter 19 - Crafty and Unruly Girl

Volume 11: Chapter 19 - Crafty and Unruly Girl

I was elated. It would be much easier for me to have a rough idea of the direction. “Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.” After saying that, I headed out the door.

The robust man replied anxiously, stunned, “You haven’t yet told me who you are.”

I smiled at him and the mask conveying my expression. “Be diligent in training your space magic. It’ll definitely be useful in the future. I’m Zhang Gong Wei. Farewell.” Upon saying that, I circulated the fusion power in my body and used short teleportation spell to disappear, leaving the startled robust man behind.

“Zhang Gong Wei? Zhang Gong Wei? It seems so familiar! ...

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