Volume 11: Chapter 1 - Leaving the Stronghold

Volume 11: Chapter 1 - Leaving the Stronghold

Xiao Jin yelled out, while expressing a gaze in hopes of seeking help. “Master please help me!”

I suppressed my laughter and patted his huge head. “Xiao Jin, my good brother, you’ll have to suffer. I can’t control Mu Zi! I can only wish you the best. That’s right, where are the prince, Big Brother Shan Yun and the rest?”

Xiao Rou replied, while playing with Mu Zi. “They have left. They wanted me to pass a message to you saying that since the situation here had been stabilized, they have headed back to train the troops in preparation to fight with the Monster King and that if you needed help, you can go to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find...

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