Volume 10: Chapter 9 - Healing Dream

Volume 10: Chapter 9 - Healing Dream 

I sat on the ground and took in a few deep breaths before asking snappily, “Are you trying to kill me with your strength?”

Xiao Jin, embarrassed, replied, “I’m sorry Master. I was too excited so I didn’t control my strength well. Please stop being mad at me.”

I said smilingly, “Alright, I’ll forgive you. Please be more attentive next time. My bones can’t withstand your torture. That’s right, when I’ve sent you to deliver a letter, did you give Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest a lot of trouble?”

Xiao Jin constantly shook his head before replying, feeling wronged, “They started it and I didn’t fight back. I just played with them using my wings.”

Xiu Si said smiling, “Forget it, Zhang...

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