Volume 10: Chapter 8 - Large Increase in Power

Volume 10: Chapter 8 - Large Increase in Power

I looked at him, amazed. “You brought so many people with you? Won’t that be half of our manpower?”

Xiu Si shook his head. “You’re wrong. Our current numbers is no longer 1000 people, but is 3000 people.”

I replied jubilantly, “We’re developing at such a rapid pace.”

Xiu Si sighed. “It’s all due to the five elders. They have recruited the majority of the God Village’s robust males, which reached a thousand of them; they also recruited some of the villagers that have good attributes. In total, it reached 3000 of us. Those that came with me were the elites of the God Village. The negotiation between the Human with the Demon and Beast races is extremely...

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