Volume 10: Chapter 6 - Persuading the Prince

Volume 10: Chapter 6 - Persuading the Prince

I circulated the Holy Sword in the air before retrieving it back into my body before saying smilingly, “There’s nothing that can imitate the Holy Sword’s divine power. You should be able to believe us now, right?”

The Prince asked with a frown, “With your current power, can you defeat the Monster King?”

“Of course, it’s impossible now. I couldn’t bring out even just 1% of the Holy Sword’s power. Please let me continue explaining first. After I received the acknowledgement of the God and became a God’s inheritor, I had parted ways with Big Brother Zhan Hu and my other friends to head back to Aixia. In order to gain more control of the Holy Sword, I had to improve my cultivation. Suddenly, one day, there was...

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